"Alana Brennan is a woman on fire. I am honored that a woman with such deep dedication to Healing the Hoop of the People is a Forrest Yoga teacher. I am proud that Forrest Yoga will touch and bring healing to all the people Alana embraces, both domestically and internationally. Thank you Alana for all the good medicine you carry for humanity. You inspire me."

- Ana T. Forrest, Creator of Forrest Yoga


"Alana is a gifted teacher. She seamlessly creates classes that are fluid and thoughtful, weaving together strengthening sequences in a mindful pace that are ultimately experienced as restorative. She consistently blends inspiring music with the calm steadiness of her voice and leads her students into and through a beautiful and deep internal practice."

-Emily Frank, LMHC


"I started practicing yoga in 2009, but it wasn't until I started practicing with Alana Brennan in 2013 that I discovered I could deepen my practice.  Alana creates an open, fun and safe atmosphere to practice.  She gives clear instruction, excellent adjustments and allows students to move at their own pace.  Her focus on breath and mastering the fundamentals has been critical in helping me progress in my practice.  She is great about using a variety of poses in her classes, which almost always guarantee you'll break a sweat."     

-Corrie Haley, Student


"I take about ten yoga classes a week from several excellent teachers. I’m so happy to have found Alana’s classes! With Alana’s clear and precise cues, I find myself focusing intently and expressing the pose as fully as I can. A class with Alana is an intense experience, both physically and mentally – and for me a truly joyful one as well. I so appreciate the way Alana is helping me develop my practice."

- Hugh Baxter, Student


"A private session with Alana changed my life.  I had tried several yoga classes with various teachers before, but never really understood why people liked it so much.  Alana attuned to what my specific body needed in a yoga practice, which gave me a deeper understanding of how to listen to my body and showed me the possibilities of what yoga could offer.  She helped me to focus on the small things that have truly made all the difference.  Alana is knowledgeable, supportive and genuinely cares about the individual experience of her students.  I am forever grateful and highly recommend her as a yoga teacher!"

-Stacey Taniguchi, Student